This is my first piece of real computer art. 
I made some things on a comodore 64 that I couldnt save, but this was the first time I was able to produce something tangable.  I was in my Graphic Communications class at Quincy Senior High as a freshman in 1988, sitting in front of a Apple Macintosh with a LaserWriter, when time litterlly slipped away. It was a paradijm shift.
I was able to do more than just push pixels arond on a screen, I was finally able make something.  
The concept of vector art was opened up to me for the first time.  Since that day my view of art changed forever, I have been anticipating every new feature and version of software and feel fortunate to have been there on the cusp of that change when it happened.
Learn more about the Macintosh SE and SuperPaint.
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